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we ship using the fastest shipping agency to your nearest location .once your payment is made send us a confirmation slip so we can immediately start processing your packge


we ship internationally using the fastest and reliable methods of shipping such as discreet shipping…..

our site is 100% secure and all our bills are top-quality grades.


we ship immediately once your payment is confirmed you can receive it within few hours this will depend on your current location, shipping takes max of 48hrs within the USA .

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we accept all available payment methods such as bitcoin, credit and debit card payment, cash app, and Paypal


buying online is safe and maybe dangerous but depending on the site, our sites have been existing for over 3years now with no problems we offer discreet shipping and to your doorsteps.



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we make things very easy for you, our site is very easy to use just check in all you want to buy in the cart and check out then select your payment method and our payment details will be provided for you to choose the desire payment mode and proceed with the payment always send us payment confirmation slip so we can confirm your payment.



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once your payment is made on-site or manually, we confirm your order you will be given a tracking number ( code) and link (site) which you will use to track your order to know exactly the state of your package.